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    At Fraser Suites Dubai our onsite fully equipped gym is exclusive to our in-house guests and has everything you need when to keep on top of your fitness regime. If you need to lift, run, box, or just get a few reps in quickly, we have something for everyone.

    We have weight-training equipment, a punching bag and stretching mats providing a good mix of gym equipment for all types of workout.  We have a great variety of cardio equipment with built in digital TV tuners so you don’t have to run afoul of boredom during a short run or 5K. Our separate aerobic room is ideal for people who want some quiet during their workout. We play gentle background music to enhance your gym experience.

    Our complimentary water will keep your hydrated during and after your sessions while our towels will help you to wipe down after training hard. The air conditioning with climate control will keep you at the right temperature without feeling uncomfortable during your workout. Free Wi-Fi will give you access to any music that’s on your playlist to make sure you stay motivated.

    Located on level 7 and open 24/7, we work around your lifestyle with this fantastic gym space.