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    Common amenities offered in the hotel suites

    Usually, the hotel suites offer some basic facilities like complimentary carrier service, breakfast, and room service etc. However, the luxury hotel suites are beyond these fundamental services and tend to be more facilitating for the guests. This is due to the reason that people who wish to make their stay relaxing, comfortable and entertaining at the same time look for some other amenities as well. Swimming pool, business center, and conference rooms are some of the perks that the luxury hotel suites offer which are also necessary for people who have it in their priority list. Therefore, it is essential to remain informed about all these services which not only enhance the fun but also cause immense physical and mental relaxation for the guests.

    One of the common problems that the guests have to face after booking the hotel suite in Dubai is that the services and facilities mentioned on the website have some hidden details. This way, it causes great difficulty for them to understand what is actually included in the total bill and what services are additional and need to be paid for separately.

    Below are mentioned some of the amenities included in the hotel suits in Dubai which help in making the stay wonderful and worthwhile.

    1. Kids play area

    A playroom for kids with some fun activities for working parents to leave their child in the secure and entertaining environment. Also, the play area is loaded with interesting equipment for kids to enjoy their stay at the hotel just like their elders.

    1. Swimming pool

    A relaxing swimming pool with a suitable temperature to start the day in a serene atmosphere. The pool activities in the natural habitat also prove to be a great source of relaxation after a long and tiring day.

    1. Poolside facilities

    The facilities include refreshments, drinks, and light snacks served by the poolside cafe. Other than that, bath towels and shower room etc. are also covered in the pool premises.

    1. Gym

    The fitness gym is a dream come true for people who wish to start or end their day by working out. The place is fully loaded with advanced machines and equipment for a worthy time spent.

    1. 24/7 Cafes and lounge

    The cafes and lounge which serve 24 hours to their guests who either wish to dine-in or get the food served in the room after a tiring flight or day at work.

    1. Spa

    Although the spa is located inside the hotel premises, its charges are additional and directly need to be paid to the management. The services offered inside the spa are enough for a pleasing experience in the city.

    1. Business center

    The business centers are operational 24/7 for the guests who have some last moment work to finish off before leaving for the official meeting with desktop computers and printers etc.

    1. Meeting room

    The meeting rooms are extremely beneficial for guests who wish to have a well-managed and organized set up in the hotel. Complimentary refreshments are a part of the meeting room package.

    1. Sports activities

    Sports activities like a tennis court or other things are also included in the amenities by the luxury hotel suites.