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    Facilities in a studio apartment in Dubai 

    Dubai is a popular tourist destination that needs no introduction. Some people visit the town for personal reasons, some for fun, while a lot of them also make business visits. Whatever the reason is, there is something exceptional about the place which makes the stay worthwhile and entertaining. The studio apartments in Dubai have been the all-time favorite and most favorable option for the temporary residents and visitors. A room of appropriate size with the necessary facilities and some additional benefits is the perfect choice for staying in the city. There is no restriction of the timeframe for staying in a studio apartment as it is basically meant to be rented out for a longer period of time. The main difference between a studio apartment and regular hotel room are the facilities such as appliances and other bathroom amenities. This is why a studio apartment is meant to make the guest feel at home with the availability of useful services. 

    Some of the common facilities in a studio apartment in Dubai include: 

    • Fully-equipped kitchen.
    • WIFI.
    • Home entertainment system.
    • Tea/coffee maker.
    • Walk-out balcony.
    • Furnished apartment.
    • Work/study desk. 

    Benefits of renting a studio apartment in Dubai

    1. Reduced moving cost:

    The cost of setting up a temporary home with the necessary items is cut off while renting a studio apartment. This is due to the reason that the studio’s management provides everything from the towels to the crockery in the kitchen. Hence, it saves money on your part when you don’t have to buy anything but just move in.

    1. Less hassle:

    There is less hassle when renting a studio in Dubai. The apartment is fully furnished, and everything is at its correct place. This means that you get a ready-made living place where you don’t have to invest time, money, and effort in setting up things according to your liking.

    1. Monthly payment:

    Unlike the regular apartments or villa in town, the payment for the studio apartment is made monthly. Usually, people stay in a studio apartment for a month or more than that. So, it seems feasible to live in a homely environment with so much relaxation and pay every month that is also quite a convenient option for the guests.

    1. Room service:

    The room service is also provided at the studio apartment in Dubai. This benefit makes studio even better option when you have a 24/7 availability of the facilities such as cleaning, food delivery, and room service etc.

    1. Favorable location:

    A studio apartment in Dubai is usually located at a prime location that is suitable for everyone. Popular malls, Dubai Metro, and other attractions plus business centers are nearby the place so that guests do not have to spend time and money on traveling.