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    How do the monthly rental studio apartments work?

    While staying in the city or a short or long period of time, one must keep in mind certain important aspects of booking a hotel room, studio apartment, or renting a temporary home. Most of the people who visit Dubai and do not have any idea of the exit tend to look for options that provide maximum benefits in terms of money and every sort of living support. For this purpose, the monthly rental studio apartments have started gaining immense popularity and the right kind of the attention of the masses.

    The apartments are fully furnished, and certain essential items are also provided to make it feel like a substitute home. The size of a studio apartment is favorable for single and multiple guests. It feels like you’re living in your own home but with some additional facilities like room service and a wonderful view from the balcony.

    Here is how it works from booking to staying and then leaving the place.

    1. The booking and payment are made online prior to the visit. This is to remain sure of the availability of the studio apartment of your choice.
    2. There are no extra charges for bathroom amenities, kitchen crockery, utensils, and cookware etc.
    3. The rent can be paid monthly instead of charging for per day.
    4. Other hotel services like WIFI are usually given as a complimentary serving.
    5. You can select the apartment with the most suitable location that is close to a famous destination such as the Mall of Emirates and Dubai metro etc.

    Make sure to book a studio apartment, like Fraser Suites, that offers maximum perks and fulfill complete requirements of a worry-free stay in the city.

    Benefits of renting a studio apartment with monthly payment mode

    • The utility bills are included in the rent:

    The best part about renting a studio apartment in Dubai is that the bills and other services are well taken care of and included in the monthly rent. This is a great source of financial relief for the guests who do not have to worry about multiple expenses while staying in the city as guests.

    • It is economical:

    The monthly rental studio apartments prove to be economical for people who have no idea of the timescale for staying the city. The per day rates charged by a hotel is expensive as compared to the monthly payment system as everything else is also included in it from room service to the complimentary perks.

    • No advance payment or deposit:

    Unlike a regular rented place, the studio apartments for rent do not require any advance payment or deposit to be made by the guests. This is immensely facilitating for people who don’t like to make their stay restricted and expensive.

    • Situated at a convenient location:

    The rental studio apartments in Dubai are located at suitable locations nearby places that are best suitable for a visitor or guest to reach out to. For example, the Mall of Emirates that is a great place to hang out and experience multiple cultures at one station.