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    What is the most suitable location for a luxury hotel in Dubai? 

    The benefit of staying in Dubai for vacationing or business purpose is that the city has a lot to offer in terms of shopping, entertainment, beach fun, and other attractions as well. A luxury hotel in Dubai should be chosen according to the location which is best suitable for visiting all the worthy places which do not require too much traveling. This is to save the time, energy, and money on the taxi fares and private cars. For this reason, the distance between the luxury hotel and the necessary facilities like Dubai metro should also be less. Other than that, here are some of the points to be noted which help in deciding the most suitable location for staying in a luxury hotel in Dubai.

    1. The airport drive should be no more than 25-30 minutes.
    2. The popular shopping malls should be nearby.
    3. The other famous tourist destinations like beaches etc. should also not be too far from the hotel.
    4. Entertainment activities like Ski Dubai etc. must be within 20km of the luxury hotel.
    5. The Sheikh Zayed road should be the main focus as it is the main highway in the city with maximum facilities and services to offer at short distances.

    Must-visit places in Dubai for staying in a luxury hotel

    Here is a list of some of the must-visit places in Dubai which should be kept in mind for staying in a luxury hotel.

    • Mall of Emirates:

    The Mall of Emirates has numerous entertaining facilities such as Ski Dubai that is an indoor snow activity for kids and adults, magic planet, and movie theaters etc.

    • Beaches:

    Beaches are the ultimate fun in summer and Dubai is just the right place to execute the beach plans with friends, family, or alone. Marine beach and Jumeirah Beach Residence are the most popular ones in the city with supreme surrounding attractions.

    • Dubai Mall:

    The Dubai mall is very famous when it comes to entertainment with the biggest aquarium, underwater zoo, high-end brands, and dine-in options to fulfill the pleasure craving with family and friends.

    • Clubs:

    Nightclubs are also very popular in Dubai for being exotic and simply wonderful for the visitors to make the most of the night by dancing their hearts out in a secure environment.

    • Dolphin Bay:

    Dolphin Bay is the perfect place for people who love to interact with friendly animals, take pictures with them, and create a great memory of the trip.

    • Restaurants:

    Restaurants like Ottoman and The Exchange should not be excluded from the priority list otherwise the traditional Turkish cuisine and steaks will be missed for sure.

    • Dubai Marina Mall:

    Cinema, cruise, and yachts are some of the amazing things to do inside the mall which makes it one of the essential places to visit in the city while staying in a luxury hotel.

    • Wild Wadi:

    If you are interested in some water fun then Wild Wadi is the perfect choice to let go of the fear and engage in some wonderful marine activities in the outdoor waterpark.